Don't Regret It, Just Forget It

Don't give into regret, just go and be the person you always wanted to be – it's never too late, 'Talent is Timeless proves that. I've even done a bit of a Rap here, which is a first!. Contains a swear word or two.
Don’t Regret it, Just Forget it
If life has done you wrong,
Don’t Regret it, Just Forget it
Move on and be strong
Maybe you think the world’s fucked you over
And you relive your past like you’re watching TV
It drags you down like a rip tide does a swimmer
And drowns the person that you hoped to be
Remember when you didn’t get that promotion?
It ruined the rest of your career (yeah right)
Or the girl next door who didn’t love you anymore
When she found out the hard way what you’re really like
Your favourite words are ‘too late’ and ‘if only’
It’s never your fault when things go awry
You’ve probably got a notebook filled with excuses
And you’ve used every one till that well ran dry
They say you only regret things you don’t do
But you rue things that haven’t happened yet
Truth be told they may never come to pass
But the memory haunts you like an old bad debt
You can wallow in self-pity and
say your life is shitty
Only Edith Piaff: said ‘Je regrette Rien’
Regrets? Old Blue eyes he had a few
So, it’s OK for you to have some too
But the Righteous Brothers, Zappa and the mothers
knew regret never done them no good
So, leave the past behind
And maybe you will find
That your life will work out just as it should

Don’t Regret it, Just Forget it
If life has done you wrong,
Don’t Regret it, Just Forget it
Move on and be strong

I’ve penned this ditty in the third person
But really it should be writ in the first
Because when it comes to remorse, of course
You can bet your bottom dollar…I truly am the worst.


  1. Cheers, Ian, appreciate it. To be honest, I don’t really like the song, like you say it is quite bitter (and partly autobiograhical) but it is a good thing to enter the monthly competition as it keeps us writing. A mate listened to it and he thought the rap bit sounded more Ian Dury than Grandmaster Flash. I’ll settle for that! All the best. Thanks.

  2. Thanks, Huw. I think my career as a rapper is on hold, but I’m more than happy to follow in Mr Dury’s wake, even if he wasn’t always a very nice person! All the best. Phil

  3. You make me smile and think in equal measure, Phil. I like your no-nonsense approach and I notice Huw mentions Ian Dury; he would have enjoyed this, I’m sure. I’m a big fan. Xx

  4. Thanks, Suzanne, I really appreciate your kind words. I think as songwriters we have to play to our strengths. In my case, I’m not a great guitarist, and the production side doesn’t float my boat, but I love words, lyrics, (and poetry). Will you be entering the challenge this month? Cheers.

  5. Thanks, Ian, much appreciated. If I give a fellow traveller a laugh on this sometimes difficult road we travel then I am happy. There, I can do sincere, too!! Thanks again.