Dolls in the Wendy house


  1. A tender ballad-like tune with a, in some ways, James Taylor-like song feel. Nice, interesting true-life pictures mixed with that of a doll’s using creative metaphors and lines in this lyric. Still, I thought this song a bit long at a tad over four minutes, for, as it continued to that point, I felt it was tiring/forced and being unnecessarily stretched to bring it to end. Enjoyed the guitar play and vocal sweetness, but all still seemed a bit too thin, restrained, and (came across) as though a song for only a very specific market, or at the very least a B-side track.

  2. This beautifully written song expresses universal truths that so many women can relate to. Such an attractive arrangement too with crisp clarity, picturesque evocation. I love your voice too. You sing this with feeling and great compassion. Bravo!