Dear John

In response to this months challenge here is my letter to Lennon, ‘Dear John’.


  1. A really catchy song Steve and a production that inspired me to up my game next time. It struck me that this is a love song to John that juxtaposes lyrics against a melody that has a hint of “Hide your love away”……….I might be over analysing?! ๐Ÿ˜‚Subscribed to your YT btw.

  2. Really clever stuff. I like songs that namecheck other songs and you do it with aplomb, particularly Eleanor Rigby turned in her grave. I’m not even a Beatles or Lennon fan, but I love this. Terrific melody, too. Cheers, Phil

  3. Super stuff Steve. Great references to Beatles songs and as usual played with great gusto. I think this is the 3rd John Lennnnon song I’ve heard for this challenge which shows how much of an impact he had on musicians.
    I think I’ll let it be now.