Daybreak Butterfly

Here is my personal tribute to Sir Paul. in recognition of his fantastic body of work that has run concurrent to my life and times. It begins with a short preamble by myself, then my song and some images. Thank you.

Daybreak Butterfly Lyrics

Daybreak Butterfly, loud alarm, tired eyes.
That don’t want to let in the light.
Out of bed sleepy head, Coffee’s hot, try to care.
The world waits for you outside.

So lighten your heart and get right to.
The millions of things that you have to do.

Daybreak Butterfly, spread your wings it’s time to fly.
The clock ticks the day away.
Flutter along with attitude, remember that the world needs you.
To visit every garden today.

So lighten your heart and float right through.
The millions of things that you have to do.

When the breeze tries to push you away.
And rainy days can drag you down.
The golden sun is bound to return.
And bathe away that little frown.

Goodnight Butterfly, fold your wings., close your eyes.
Let slumber take all your cares away.
Dreams of flowers in your head as you snuggle in your bed.
Tomorrow will be another day.

So Lighten your heart and fly away.
Tomorrow you’ll have it all to do again.


  1. I also heard The Beatles first on release of ‘She Loves You’. I think that you have jumped off somewhere in 1967/68 with this song. Perhaps influenced by some of the songs they, and others, wrote on the trip to India.

  2. Sounds like you definitely stepped into a time machine with a ticket ride back to yesterday for this one, Phil. Quite cool how you captured all in this tune of the past that also read and played like a newfound present.

  3. I like how you did your pre-amble with the music in the background. I also enjoyed the video and how you appeared amongst the images – I think it worked really well. Great guitar and vocals too 😃

  4. Well done on a lovely spoken tribute. I agree and relate to everything you say. Great song, love the lyrics and unpredictability of the melody. Thumbs up from me!

  5. Hey all! I just wanted to say thank you to all the people that listened to my Sir Paul tribute piece. Thank your for your lovely comments and for my votes. That’s always encouraging to me🙏❤️☮️✌️