David With The Head Of Goliath

My apologies for the quality and performance. Wrote this 3 weeks ago, but with preparing for the release of the new album and my art exhibition this weekend just not had time to learn or record it properly. So as usual on last minute. Caravaggio was banned from Rome by the Pope for killing someone in a sword fight and spent many years moving around Italy and Malta, avoiding getting arrested but still getting into trouble. Eventually he approached a nephew of the Pope, who just happened to be a high ranking Cardinal, with a request for a pardon. In order to try and gain favour with the Pope he painted ‘David With The Head Of Goliath’with a self portrait as the head of Goliath. He was hoping the Pope would accept this trinket instead of his real head. On his way to Rome with all his paintings he was mistaken for someone else and arrested by some Spaniards. Consequently, by the time they found out he was the wrong person and released him, the boat with all his paintings on board had set sail for Rome. He went after it overland but died on route so never got his pardon.


  1. Enjoyed the drive in this – the begging for mercy – intertwined with the more reflective change of pace. Really interesting story which I didn’t know before. The painting in question (I also had to look that up) is a really remarkable. Thanks for bringing the story alive.