Dancing With The Cranes

In the 1400's the common crane became extinct in Britain. They had all been eaten. Then, with habitat reduction and moor drainage, there was no where for the cranes to live. Apart from a significant area of wetlands in Somerset.
Between 2010 and 2014, 93 cranes were hand reared and then released on to the Somerset levels. There are now 48 breeding pairs in Britain, most of which are on the Somerset levels. I am fortunate to be able to wake to the sound of these cranes most days, and to watch them on the moors behind my house.
It's not often we are given a second chance!! Lets not mess this up.

My thanks as always goes to the inspiration that is Mel Reeves.


  1. This is seriously good in every aspect, Julie. Long after this monthly challenge is gone, people need to keep hearing and seeing this. Your passion for the cranes & your music shines through. Xx

  2. Well that last comment made no sense.
    What I meant to say – it evokes for me some ethereal theme tune to a TV series from the 70s. Not that it reminds me of any one, but it just has that vibe.