Crashing Totem

Following a recent trip to Cusco, Peru, I was inspired to use the Inca trilogy of the serpent, puma, and condor as an allegory reflecting our procrastination, perhaps our inability, to protect our living world. This totem is crashing. –
V1: Beginning of life and the afterworld, the Serpent guarding the inner world. – Uku Pacha, where we were born, waiting for our spirits to return. – Emissary to the dead, the Serpent sees our destiny. Chorus: Pacha Mama, earth mother, blindly pillaged, cruelly plundered. – Inti sun god, sky’s gatekeeper, peering through the smoking gun. – The world below, the living world, the world above, the fading sun. – Crashing totem, that we shattered! V2: Land, plants and living things, the Puma reigns in the center world. – Kay Pacha, realm of life, entrusting us this time on earth. – Defying his strength and wisdom, we’ve got the Puma on the run. V3: Messenger to the heavens, the Condor rules the upper world. – Hanan Pacha, home of the gods, providing warmth from the sun and stars. – More than ever, we need his power, the Condor soars high to plea for us.


  1. Cool stuff Martin. I can imagine this being played live and I’d like to hear the last full chorus unaccompanied except for drum beat on the one of each bar with a drum fill bringing it back in and repeating the chorus with full accompaniment. Just an opinion obviously, but really liked it

  2. Great passion & drive to this, Martin. I’d love to try singing something like this but I’ve been stuck in a folk vibe all my life. I’ve found being part of Talent is Timeless is encouraging me to explore a little more. I’m still very much s beginner. The topic is so very close to my heart. Thanks for the background information too; the allegory of the condor & procrastination is beautiful . Fascinating.