Coyote Wild

This move to the desert has awakened my inner coyote!

Coyote Wild
The crescent of a moon cuts through the desert
And the air is still and trapped within a sigh
The shadows of the mountains lit beneath the stars——-
Are silhouettes against the evening sky.
I could settle for this moment, captured through my window
Be content and drift back into sleep
I could silence all my longing for a life lived on the edges
Find a way to live above the deep

I just don’t want to run between the fences. I don’t want to color in the lines
I don’t want complacency to rob me of my vision
I just wanna live coyote wild

The desert streams are tumbling down the canyons
Brought to life by intermittent flood
The grasses lightly dance among the breezes
And the quiet beauty pulses in my blood.
I could file way these moments, tuck them in my memory
Caressing them like diamonds in the rough
I could use these recollections to warm me like a fire
And Find contentment in “just good enough”.


They are wandering in the desert, howling in the distance,
When night is wild and moon begins to rise
And they haunt me in my slumber, and wake me from my sleep
And set the marrow of my bones on fire

So, I’m not going to run between the fences.
I’m not going to color in the lines
I won’t let complacency rob me of my vision
I just gonna live coyote wild
Up until the moment that I die, I’m just gonna live. Coyote wild….


  1. Another brilliant song Charlotte. Great performance – love the harmonies. Some great imagery, and a good ‘hook’. I’ll be coming back to this once I’ve listened to all the rest! Voted

  2. I love the loping-coyote rhythm, Char. It’s interesting the lines that jump out at people. The part about not wanting to colour in the lines caught my attention. You capture the coyote spirit beautifully.