A simple lyric about the power of nature to heal and how a simple walk in the country can put everything right again. I was never going to write a ‘country’ song – wouldn’t know where to begin, so I took a different take on it. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. When I see your name attached to a song, Simon, I always know I’m going to enjoy listening. Engaging lyrics and I know the ideas and melody will lead me somewhere interesting.
    If I don’t get to the woods for a few days, my head seems to get clogged. It’s where everything seems to be rebooted. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for writing & taking me on a walk in my head & heart.

  2. Sorry i havent replied before now – terrible troubles with getting onto the site. I wasn’t able to vote for anyone else or see their songs. I have just managed to get back on. A 60’s vibe…….I had better have another listen