Counting the Days

My entry for the TisT February Challenge #ChordChallenge. A tricky challenge but I hope I have managed to incorporate the chords without making them sound out of place. The three chords that qualify my entry are A7sus4, F#dim and C#min7b5.


  1. Hi Phil, This is a tasty number, great hooks, catchy as hell. I will be humming this today. Like Andy says there is a country influence, which ticks the right boxes. Very enjoyable. Cheers, Phil

  2. A very “big tune.” In my view a prime example of a tune that stands comfortably on its own, but leaves wide open spaces for big production. The sound of that J-185 was a sonic bonus. I’m am looking forward to hearing more of your work. Excellent!

  3. I’ve given this tune a couple of listenings. The more I listen, the more it reminds me of many Texas singer/songwriters from my area. In my view it has a very “Austin Americana vibe.” For me that is a good thing. I’m giving you my vote!