Conspiracy Theories

Tongue in cheek response to Talent is Timeless August "parody rant" song writing challenge. Sincere apologies if I've destroyed the parodied song for people.


  1. Hi Kyle, Wonderful, I thought I knew a bit about conspiracy theories, but there are a few there I hadn’t heard to cause me sleepless nights! Just a word on the music, I think the Mamas and the Papas had a flute solo in the middle (something akin to that anyway), and I really liked the way you handled that with cheesy organ – works a treat. Really great parody. Cheers.

  2. Great video and parody, Kyle! I know we’re laughing, but people believe this craziness! I think I’ve heard them lol and then a new one pops up. Apparently some of them can be tracked back centuries, disappear and then pop up again. What a curious species we are . ?‍♀️

  3. Kyle, I recently read an interview with the guy who invented the “birds aren’t real” idea… his hobby was making stupid signs for demos and his Birds idea went viral… he says… “ the weird thing is that no one ever questioned him about it”.