I heard that my estranged birth father had died in Canada at the end of July. For the last few weeks I’ve been mulling around what this actually meant to me. Then the other night I picked up my guitar and this little riff just fell out followed by a whole stream of lyrics that came faster than any I have written before.

Within an hour I recorded a “quick first take demo” on my phone and went to bed. It had all happened so quickly I almost could not believe it had really occurred. I was going to re record it properly but in the end the phone demo sounded so authentic I just cleaned up the sound a bit and put a tweak of reverb on it.. If ever a song needed to find its way out as a comfort/cathartic thing then this was it. Great timing for this months challenge!


  1. Great song Mark. All those feelings expressed so well. I like it that you left plenty of space between the lyrics so that they can sink in. And the la, sections. I Don’t always need a word on every note of a song, I like to just enjoy the groove also. loved it mate👌👍

  2. A moody retrospective search for answers where sadly there are none. The repeating melancholy riff reminded me of my own absent birth father and the many moments I spent trying to make sense of his void. Nice work.

  3. Sometimes music’s the only way to
    let the feelings mingle & merge. Some evocative lyrics that express the cocktail of emotions. Thank you for sharing. The rhythm & chord repetition kept the song steady as you let your thoughts flow. Well done xx

  4. “Fractured feelings and a small black hole” is a beautiful line Mark, and one I’m sure all of us who have suffered a loss removed can understand. Thank you for sharing this.