Cold Rain

A line in the song goes “The way things are precious depends where you are, depends on what you need.”


  1. Thanks John. A compliment from such an accomplished songwriter as yourself is encouraging. Good luck with your song The Mirror, it’s a beautiful song that feels very relevant, bearing in mind our ages and the fact that we are corresponding on Talent Is Timeless. I’ve just been listening to Beneath The Burning Sun and the other songs you recorded at The Warehouse Recording Company. Any one of those songs could have been your entry. Good luck.

  2. A lovely, thoughtful song. yes, what is valuable depends what you need and where you are… A slice of bread is far more valuable than a pocket of diamonds when you are starving…and so on. A great message, beautifully executed. Good luck!

  3. Thanks Sally. Just listened to your entry. What a lovely song, very atmospheric. I don’t envy the judges trying to pick a winner, yours should have a good chance. Good luck.