Cold Heart

I was hoping to qualify my song “Cold Heart” to this month’s Challenge, although not a film or book, it is from a Television Documentary Film about Urban Legends … I seem to remember that I watched this programme around 2010 on Channel 4 in the UK, I believe, (it may have been hosted by Jonathan Ross) …. I have tried to google a YouTube copy to reference for you, but have had no luck. So the storyline goes:-

‘A young East Asian woman was having a relationship with a foreign armed forces personnel, only to fall pregnant and when going to his barracks, was told that he had returned home … she purchased a one way ticket to the small town in the northwest of the country he told her he lived … but after going into every bar, cafe, etc, was told that no-one by that name lived in that small town (he was elsewhere in the country with his wife and kids) … so she wandered out into the cold night, lay down in the snow and died’ … complete tosh, I know as all urban legends are … but I thought at the time that it was a great story to try and write a song to, so I straight away started to write “Cold Heart”. It sat on my computer with just a vocal take, until Lockdown in the UK, when I couldn’t leave the house, gave me the opportunity to finally try and learn how to use the DAW I bought around that time … and whilst trying to teach myself about a bit of music production at the same time, I reconstructed the song … trying my hand at a Build Up & Drop using Vocal Chops in these sections. Thanks for listening.


You’re looking back to where you once were,
A time you thought that heaven would share,
Before you found this cold heart surrounds you,

It’s colder now than ever before,
When loving words would warm you for sure,
You’re looking but this cold heart surrounds you,

Looking out as this north wind bites so cold,
Chills all of your dreams,
How you thought that a love could be so bold,
Seemed it never would end,
Reaching out for a hand to warm you so,
Find you’re now alone,
Asking yourself which place is colder,

You know that words would save you still,
But silence is the bitterest pill,
You realise this cold heart, surrounds you,

When a lie becomes a loaded gun,
Then a cold heart can kill someone,
And now you find this cold heart, surrounds you,
And now you find this cold heart, surrounds you,
And now you find this cold heart, surrounds you.


  1. The lush production and melody are almost too good for the cold tale underneath. That could be a good thing for drawing attention to your song. Many successful songs are misunderstood due to the sonic soundscape. I like it!

  2. Love the song Kevin. Has a great disco beat combined with a very catchy melody. Uplifting for a grim subject. Production is excellent, but are you saying you used software to generate the vocals? If not who is the vocalist?