Clear Blue Water (Bring Love Home)

This is my song about setting sail. I have used the challenge title as a metaphor for moving on to adult life. It’s about how as a parent you start out being the answer to all your child’s needs but before you realise it they turn into young adults. Emotions are mixed when they don’t need you as much. You bring them up to be independent and suddenly they are. You can be proud of them and yourself for a job well done.

So you wish them well as they set sail on their life journey . Above all you hope they find the one. The one who will love them always and forever.

Hopefully it will make sense and as a fellow songwriters you can go with my interpretation.

Thanks for listening



  1. Andy, Sally, Ian and Kris. I’m so made up to get such nice feedback. I’ve yet to share this with my boys which will be an interesting test. Thanks for taking time to listen and comment. M 👍

  2. Thanks Suzanne

    My first attempt at a challenge since joining so really made up to get some votes. The community are very supportive and it makes me want to do better next time. Thank you for the challenge.


  3. Really well put together and performed song, relatable and optimistic with the catchy melody and energetic rhythm. Great vocal! I really liked the way you found ‘I wish you well’ as the opener to lines, it gave scope for ideas and added catchy repetition. Great!

  4. Thank you Ervin

    I tried to make it so you can sing along!

    I’ve looked back a bit and you’ve done some great stuff. I’m new here and hope to learn lots by challenging myself.