Clary’s Pond

This is a ditty about a pond I used to fish close to my house where I grew up in Colebrook Connecticut. My sister Pally and I were fishing in the the rowboat one day when she hooked a huge yellow perch. She got so excited the boat tipped over and we had to swim to shore. Besides yellow perch the pond was full of pickerel, sunfish, and of course catfish which we called bullhead.
The backup singers are a few of my younger guitar students that volunteered to help out…I always encourage my students to sing. The younger ones are very natural singers as they have not yet succumb to the belief that they can’t…
I wrote this song sitting on my back porch a few years back and recorded it on one of my children’s cds. The guitar you are hearing is a Godin classical guitar made in Canada. Godin crafted the necks for the Seagull guitar and eventually bought the Seagull company. It’s a great guitar to play and records well. This song is in the key of D, although F would be more appropriate.


  1. I love this. Everything about it works well – simple lyric, engaging tune, brilliant guitar, imaginative arrangement – and the addition of the children singing helps to give it a really warm feel. Brilliant!

  2. A brilliant song on so many levels.
    Firstly, Woody Guthrie would have loved this.
    Secondly, A beautiful three act play in three minutes.
    Thirdly, Universal appeal to both adults and children.
    Fourthy, Immaculate lyrics where you have made every single word count.

    And finally.
    Gets my vote…And my wife, Angela loved it. She wanted to know if you were a teacher?