Christmas 1968

I didn’t think I’d have time to enter this month’s competition as I’m really busy rehearsing the role of Frank in Willy Russell’s ‘Educating Rita’. The original actor had to pull out and I stepped in with four weeks to go and we open next Friday.

Anyway, Gerry my wife, reminded me about this song from December 2021, it’s from my Val Doonican period and if you like your songs a little saccharin then this is ideal.

Keiko, the dog, slept through it all.


  1. Keiko! It’s sweet how our dogs love to be there when we are singing. This is very lovely song and I can see kids mesmerized by it in the Christmas season, listening with cups of cocoa.

  2. Lovely stuff Ian. Very relatable lyrics, well sung and played. I was however, expecting you to be wearing a big knitted cardigan. Hope Rita is going well 👍