'Caught By Love'

Following on from how well my debut single ‘Watching Cranes’ was received:) I dug further into my 78-88 cassette box to see if I had any other forgotten tunes worthy of revisiting, and I’m pleased to present here my 2nd Single……….

The chords and words are all from 198I when I was 23 and back then I played it as a slow song, but I found playing it again 40 years later, it was more fun to play it this way, I also re-wrote the chorus so it's a 1981-2021 creation:)

I recorded the basic track at home in London on GarageBand and sent it to my producer Jason Tarver who now resides in Barcelona, he then played all the instruments and sent it back to me to do the final vocal, oh I love the modern world:)

This is the lyric video I've had created for the tune, I hope you like it!!


  1. Fabulous production as Im listing on my headphones! I like the hooky “caught by love” chorus. It certainly stands out as a song which is spoken rather than sung and I like the reggae vibe. Very commercial sound (which I like).