Can’t Stop the Rain

A former student of mine who always wore the broadest smile and who was loved by all her peers – without showing any sign of being unhappy – disappeared one day. When it was discovered that she had taken her own life we were all left to question if there was some sign we had missed. Was there anything that any of us could have done? Although it later became clear what had triggered such a devastating event we all,none-the-less, were left questioning our own lack of awareness. I was deeply saddened by the event and wrote this song to try to make sense of it all.


  1. I liked the Spanish guitar feel to the melody, the faraway female voice haunting the chorus, and the message of your song. When I first saw its title, I wondered where I had heard it before. Finally, the answer came to me. “Can’t stop the rain,” is a line included in the song, The Goal by Leonard Cohen, from his album, Thanks For The Dance, which was released after his death, completed by his son, Adam. A fine album, if you like Leonard Cohen. Here are the words of The Goal:
    I can’t leave my house
    or answer the phone
    I’m going down again
    but I’m not alone
    Settling at last
    accounts of the soul
    This for the trash
    That paid in full
    As for the fall – it began long ago
    Can’t stop the rain
    Can’t stop the snow
    I sit in my chair
    I look at the street
    The neighbour returns my smile of defeat
    I move with the leaves
    I shine with the chrome
    I’m almost alive
    I’m almost at home
    No one to follow
    and nothing to teach
    except that the goal
    falls short of the reach