Bye Bye Baby

Bye Bye Baby Lyrics – still practising the playing/singing bit but i’m having a LOT of fun with this one!

Do you remember the night I said I loved you?
That cold December in a world apart, I gave my heart.
You held me gently, you looked into my eyes, and said…

Every time you talk I want to cut myself
So bye bye baby. Don’t cry baby.
Everything you do is so blah blah blah
Bye bye baby, don’t boo hoo baby

I hoped you’d be my valentine but you were Frankenstein
And I your creature
I didn’t feature in your future plans I’d over-reached, yeah!
You said, I was just your stepping stone to love, well…

Bye Bye baby, It’s over baby.
We’re sober baby, I’m colder baby.
Bye Bye Baby you’re Blah Blah
Don’t need you baby
Still love you maybe….

Perhaps I had confused our haze of drugs and booze for love’s sweet song.
Nevertheless, it felt unnecessary, arbitrary cruelty
I thought we were in harmony but turns out you were harming me.

So here’s my….
Swan song baby, I’m long gone baby
You’re a wrong un baby, So So long baby
Bye bye baby, you’re blah blah baby
Boo Hoo Baby and Screw you Baby



  1. Wow, that was a rollercoaster! I really enjoyed your use of language, the word association and internal rhyming. I also liked the darkness of this story in direct contrast to the upbeat ragtime, which could fool you into thinking this was something light and frothy, when it most definitely isn’t !! Great job.

  2. Hiya, As ever your piano playing is divine, and the change of tempo really gives the song a lift. Rhyming ‘Valentine’ with Frankenstein’ is one I wish I had thought of! What I like most though, is your sense of fun throughout the piece is palpable; it kind of reminds me a bit of Noel Coward with the playfulness of the song. I ended my song this month with ‘bugger’ , you’ve gone for ‘screw you baby’ – you and I tell it like it is! Gets a vote from me. Cheers

  3. After listening to your quality of work, I’d like to say it is far superior to nearly everything I’ve heard. However, I’m currently too busy cutting myself over my own inability to compete at this level!

  4. Smashed it again mate, packed full of fantastic lines and rhythms. Loved the juxtaposition of the lyrics and the rag time feel. A song crafted with great skill and emotional connection, incredible!!!!!

  5. Oooh! I’m so jealous of your piano playing. I just loved this. Everything you do is so ‘Blah blah blah’ Such a put down. Been there young Christopher. Well done. I’d just love be to sing some of your songs. If we do a # coverschallenge, please can I ??? XXX

  6. Genius. A definite for a musical theatre production. Your rhyming, as said by others, of Valentine and Frankenstein, boo hoo and screw you are epic and as I said on another post in facebook, I love hearing ragtime piano. It’s a yes from me!

  7. You’re a mischievous musical machine, Mr. Penney! How can I resist digging my feather boa and highest heels from the back of the wardrobe & singing and dancing this along with you? Dynamic & glorious. I love it more every time I hear it. 😘