By The Way

written for loved ones who live in far-flung corners….


  1. Oh gosh, I love this… You capture the essence of what matters most through all the changes life brings us. Your voice and the video are so cool. I would cover this for an end of the concert audience sing along on the chorus….

  2. Soft, nostalgic, yet hopeful, and oh! that low note! There is a lovely lilt to this song and I can hear people singing the chorus around a campfire. Also, I’m with Nicky – if I had a van like yours, I might wander a little more. A pleasure to discover you, Murray.

  3. Hello Murray, Straight away I was drawn in by the Irish style this song gives in abundance. With the warmth of your voice the simplicity, the execution, it has all the ingrediants to be a hit, espesically in Ireland. If this song is not released to the public…It should be. A big 5 stars from me. Love the video too.

  4. A really lovely Heartfelt, Ballady song Murray!
    You have a very nice sound! (Vocals and Music with the Squeezebox in the background.)
    It is a bit Folksy! Love it!
    Just given you a well earned vote!