Broken Man

A song looking back at a time when I wasn’t in a good place! Really pushed for time so one take and a bit of harmony pedal!!!!
Broken Man
V1 Sat in a darkened room I think the lord is coming soon
If I believed I’m sure I’d find a way to see the light
Cheap whisky in my glass, I’m waiting for the night to pass
For the sun to rise and light a brand new morn

Chorus I have been a broken man, I think sometimes that I still am
Other times I’d rather see the brightness of the day
Time moves on and still I wait, it seems that I can never shake
The shadow of that empty broken man

V2 All the worlds a stage they say but I didn’t know how to play
Couldn’t understand the rules they made and how they chose their sides
Just tried to play the game, wound up losing just the same
Prayed the day would come when I’d break free


Bridge Fairweather friends they crowd the room when fortunes change they’re gone so soon
Perspectives change, views rearrange while the seasons come and go
I saw the clock tick through the night, made my choice for the right
To change the road that I was travelling on


Final chorus I have been a broken man, I’ve been knocked down but now I stand
The brightest day is the one that comes when the darkness fades
Looking in the mirror now I see it but I don’t know how
I’ve left behind that empty broken man
I’ve left behind that empty broken man
I’ve left behind that empty broken man
I’ve left behind that empty broken man


  1. Your “Broken Man” title caught my eye, Andy. Had me hear your lyric as a Lynyrd Skynyrd-like “Simple Man” sound/tune before I listened to your post. And when I did listen, it surprised me with that somewhat upbeat tempo, considering your title, but, oh, how it rocked smooth its story being told. Some powerful words make up your lyric. Great V1! Love how it bookends so well this lyric’s closing lines–that the storyteller, despite troubled times, made it through well enough to sing about it. Good stuff here, man. Thanks for sharing!