Very short! I’m still struggling to shake off Covid in my voice.
My take on this is that Home is more important than House – that we, as individuals, families and friends, are the bricks that build community. This is on my mind because we are privileged to be able to home a Ukrainian guest right now. The loss of lives and buildings doesn’t mean that she does not have a home anymore, just that she does not have a house. More than that, we have entered the lives of her family too…we are all bricks in this particular house of solidarity and friendship.


  1. I enjoyed this Simon, thought your vocal and song had a touch of Neil Finn about it and I loved the sentiment and the arrangement..that’s so good that you’re helping someone from Ukraine.

  2. Thanks Paul, I do play some Neil Finn numbers occasionally – its funny how influences manage to seep into your own work without conscious effort. I guess its really important to copy really good artists in the first place!