Bricks and Mortar

Apologies for the lack of originality in the title – it just seemed the obvious one to choose. This is the story of a family who have to leave their home and move to an unknown destination.


  1. Their only thought was for their son and daughter /
    Taking them away from endless strife /
    They’d built their house themselves from bricks and mortar /
    But what’s the point of a house /
    What’s the use of a house /
    What’s the good of a house, without a life? /

    They knew they had to make it to the border /
    They knew they couldn’t take the risk to stay /
    They said, ‘Well, it’s only bricks and mortar /
    And surely we’ll come back /
    Maybe we’ll be back /
    We hope that we’ll be back, some day’ /

    They knew that they’d have to cross the water /
    They understood the dangers they would face /
    When they slept, there’d be no bricks and mortar /
    And they’d travel through the night /
    Keep moving through the night /
    And onward through the night, and leave no trace /

    What they needed was peace, law and order /
    There must be a safe place somewhere /
    Then maybe if they had some bricks and mortar /
    They could start a new life /
    Make a new life /
    Build a new life, without fear /
    They’d build a new home, somewhere

  2. Hi Paul, I don’t think the prosaic title is a problem – ‘it does what it is says on the tin’ as the TV advert used to say. As ever, I am in awe of your guitar skills. This song conjures up images of Ukrainians having to leave their home, or possibly migrants crossing the channel – I guess that was in the back of your mind (unless I am reading too much into it!). Cheers.

  3. As I said on Facebook, such a good idea and very poignant. Beautiful finger picking and chords. I loved hearing how you rhymed words with ‘mortar’ and it was not at all too contrived. Really well done! You always write very well.

  4. Your song carried my thoughts to the plight of so many refugees who’ve had their security stolen by warfare & tyrants. Those three final lines at the end of each verse are particularly effective. I find this very moving, and I admire your beautiful accompaniment as always.