Bricks and Mortar (Don't make you a home)

Bricks And Mortar (Don’t Make You A Home)
Bricks and mortar can make you a home
But it’s cold and lonely if you’re all alone
We built a house on a clifftop
With views right over the sea
We thought that it was paradise
I loved you and you loved me
I said we’ll stay here forever
And be as happy as happy can be
It’s the ideal place, with lots of space
To start a family
Bricks and mortar can make you a home
But it’s cold and lonely if you’re all alone
You could live in a palace, but when you’re on your own
You’ll find bricks and mortar can’t make you a home
Things were taking off in my career
And I soon got me a promotion
But I had no time to spend at home
And watch the sun set o’er the ocean
You were a bird in a gilded cage
That had lost the will to fly
You’d be lonely all, day while I was away
And all you’d do is cry
I came home after a business trip
To see my pretty bird had flown
She left a short note telling me
That our house was not her home
And I shouldn’t try to find her
She’d gone to another town
She didn’t say where, and I didn’t care
Or try and track her down.
-Middle Eight-
And now most every evening
I watch the sun set o’er the sea
And wonder where my bird has flown
And does she ever think of me?
No, bricks and mortar can’t make you a home
Cos’ only love can make you a home


  1. Many Thanks,Suzie – I really appreciate you taking the time to give it a whirl. A few folks have said they sang along with the chorus, which makes me feel both pleased and proud, I need to work on my performance, but I’m hoping that will come in time. Thanks again. Cheers.

  2. Thanks to Kris and Paul for their kind words. Happy to say, Paul, this isn’t autobiographical – Sue and I celebrated our ruby wedding anniversary this year! (though how she has put up with me for so long is anyone’s guess!). Both of you have mentioned the sad nature of the song – I’m a massive country music fan, so I guess ‘sad’ is all I can write! Thanks to you both.

  3. Cheers, Andy. I had an idea for a song for this month’ contest and got the first verse down with ease. However, try as I might, I couldn’t take it any further. I was sitting on the sofa thinking I’d skip this month’s competition when the idea for the song you listened came into my head. I hate the phrase that ‘it wrote itself’, because that rarely happens, but I certainly had the lyrics finished within half-an-hour. The melody isn’t terribly original – a bit ‘country by numbers’ but, like you say, it does give the juxtaposition between sad lyrics and jaunty melody. Thanks for listening, I appreciate it. Cheers.

  4. Thanks, Rebecca and Suzanne for your kind words. This was a fun one to write as I was paying homage to a kind of country music that got lost when ‘Nash Trash’ came on the scene and, worse yet, ‘Bro’ Country’ (which, thankfully seem to be on the way out). Keep it country, y’all! Cheers.