Bricks And Mortar

Not the usual stuff I write, but decided to take it literally!

Bricks & Mortar
I’ve got a house of crumbling bricks,
Got a door where no place fits
Got a roof which lets in water,
Need to mix me a little mortar

Gonna slap it on fast and thick
gonna fix those crumbling bricks
and that door, just you wait
I’m gonna set it good and straight

Pass me that bucket, pass me that trowel
I’m gonna work till the dogs do howl
When the sun goes down and the moon comes up
I’ll be there fixing things up!

When I’m done and the roof’s all sound
I’m gonna ask you to come around
Don’t mind the wind, don’t mind the storm
We’ll sit pretty, snug and warm.

So pass me that bucket and that trowel,
and don’t you mind if the dogs do howl.
In my house you’ll be snug and warm
Sitting tight safe from the storm.