Brand New Highway

Entry for Passages challenge. This is about moving onto a new life. Sorry if it’s a bit “man bashing”.
I’ve agonised about posting this because of my “performance” but I’ve been super busy this month and haven’t had time to do it in any other format so I’m hoping the song stands for itself . Inspired by attending a country music festival earlier this month. Lyrics below

Told him I was leaving him again last night
Like I’ve done about a million times before
We got into a fight
I put to him my plight
He just got up walked right out the door

I told him I can’t take his drinkin’ anymore
Cos his slurs they hurt they bruise me to the core
He doesn’t understand
I just don’t get that man
Says he loves me but those words don’t match his roar


So I’m leaving him I have to start again
Travelling back to meet the girl from way back when
But I’m wiser and I know paths not to choose
I’m carving out a brand new
A brand new highway
I’ve had my fill of men who just refuse heal
Maybe Im the cause or maybe just reveal
The broken parts inside
They break what lies outside
Not caring ‘bout perpetuating legacies

Circular routes lead me to him
He can’t change but I’m desperate for his win
Over things he cannot or won’t control


  1. Well done Rebecca, it takes courage to express in our work our inner thoughts and feelings that perhaps our, simple spoken words cannot convey. I am very much an autobiographical songwriter and having subscribed to your YouTube Channel, I can tell that behind the very fun and well performed, ‘cover’ songs lies a deeper more reflective and therapeutic song writing process evolving in your work. Thanks for posting your entry, I enjoyed your mandolin playing and vocal tones, inflections and harmonies…

  2. Hiya, you really are multi-talented with all the instruments you play. Really like this song, I love country music and the mandolin and the sentiments give this a nice ‘old timey’ country feel. Your bright vocal style reminds me of the great Tish Hinajosa. Cheers, Phil

  3. Great job Bec. It’s tough trying things out on a new instrument but I also think writing on an unfamiliar instrument takes you to new places! I really enjoyed this. Keep up the mando playing!

  4. The structure is solid and the rhymes hit right without diluting the rawness of the emotional situation. Like craft and truth. I second Ian Middleton, and in particular hear a metronomic bass line and some double-stop fiddling, with the occasional Telecaster string bend!

  5. I thought I’d already commented, but it must have been on facebook. Great song once again and seeing you playing the mandolin made me grab mine and subsequently break a string.

  6. Thanks Terry, I’m incredibly flattered that you’ve taken the time to take a look at some of my daft cover stuff. I learned so much about myself as a singer and musician through doing covers and it’s given me more confidence to have a go at songwriting. I dabble somewhere between reality and imaginary but I haven’t got much material together yet – I’m still very much work in progress. Thank you so much to taking the time to listen & comment.

  7. Thanks Phil, I had to look her up, always fascinated to see how other people see me through comparisons. I love a bit of country and wanted to give the style a try through this song, thanks for picking up on it.

  8. Lance did you know that the mandolin and violin are strung the exact same way. So in theory if you can play the violin could play the mandolin?! I can’t play violin sadly, I’ve had learn everything from scratch! ?. I definitely think this could do with more instrumentation.

  9. Really liked this when heard it on FB. Have come back for more listens – it’s so accomplished as a composition and you voice is amazing and works well with the mandolin. The style reminds of someone, but I just can’t place them yet, but I know it will be someone good!