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I have to admit to feeling rather vulnerable putting this one up in a public space but hey this is a great community. Not all childhood memories are rosy unfortunately. As the song say….. things got better!


  1. Hey Mark
    Beautiful song. I’m not sure if those things are personal to you but anyway. Through adversity you’ve turned out to be a good guy and a kick ass songwriter, and that’s a win in anyones book mate🙏👌✌️

  2. This is a very moving song. I’m sorry you had a difficult childhood and glad that things got better for you. Love the guitar, vocals and whole production.

  3. You’ve really succeeded in laying your soul bare, Mark. Although the song deals with the painful memories of your childhood, it still manages to convey an optimism, and even moves from a minor to a major chord at the end to reflect this. Nice guitar, singing and arrangement.

  4. Very moving to listen to, Mark. The comparison of the love the dogs received instead of you really hit home. That light musical motif you keep returning matches the reflective nature of your song perfectly. Thank you for letting yourself be vulnerable & sharing your story & song.

  5. Thankyou everyone for positive and encouraging comments. As I am sure you can imagine this one was pretty tough to write, record and release. Back to something more cheery next month!

  6. Loved this. Excellent performance and raw honesty held me throughout. I’m a fan of the format, communicating with the child you were, a child who clearly didn’t always find life easy. Vain old thing that I am it was good to be reminded where I used the same format though with a different message. I once learned a bit about Transactional Analysis. In simple terms, it holds that we have parent, adult and child states within us throughout our lifetimes, each of these coming to the fore at different moments in our lives – and we foul things up sometimes by resorting to not the best mode in certain situations.Please forgive me if you already know all this! TA had quite an influence on my song-writing at one time. In the song you become a parent to the child you were.

  7. Wow! Written straight for the heart to everyone else’s. I congratulate you for your raw honesty and courage to share. It’s a really beautiful song and I love the perspective of singing to your younger self. I totally resonate with Dave Atkinson’s comments of communicating with the child you were which is very empowering. This song is very healing in so much that with just acknowledging your past self’s sad experience often integrates and resolves the parts of us that are still waiting to receive what they never had.

  8. Thank you for sharing your very personal experiences through your lovely song. I hope the process of writing the song provided a positive therapy. It’s a beautiful performance as well.

  9. Mark, such a moving song and it made me all the more aware of how good my own childhood was – you can always tell when a song comes from the heart and this one certainly does – such a sad song but great.

  10. Phew I have just had a full read through all these lovely comments. Thank you all so much. It just confirms to me it was right to complete, finish and post this tough song in such a supportive place. Thank you all again and sorry if I haven’t managed to listen and comment to everyone’s. So many songs so little time!