Black eyed Susan

Don’t normally write schmaltzy songs. Must be getting old. True story, my first kiss, courtesy of Susan Pegler during the brief time I spent in Poulton -le-Fylde in the late sixties.


  1. Epic Peter
    Nearly had me pogoing around the front room!!!
    When I was in my punk band back in the day we’d have definitely played that one. Possibly even faster. Our drummer was manic!!! Oh yeah!!!!🤘🤘🤘😁

  2. I smiled all the way through that, Peter. Absolutely loved it.This sort of song has the space to work with a much bigger, punchier sound or just a lone voice and guitar. I’d be pogoing too if I was sure my knees could take it 😉.

  3. By the sounds of it, bless Susan and your teacher, and curses on tell-tale Danny. (Here;s me hoping he didn’t end up being your best mate). And bless yourself for a refreshing take on the theme.