Big Lil (Hull's Headscarf Heroes)


  1. Well here it is at last. My entry for the 22 competition co written with my Mockingbirds duo partner Pam Johnson . It’s our tribute to Big Lil Bilocca and Hull’s Headscarf Heroes. After the triple trawler disaster in 1968, they fought for a change in the law (and succeeded)to prevent fishing boats leaving the harbour without 2 way radio and other essential safety equipment which had been previously sadly lacking. Enough’s enough the women cried.

    1. Thanks for listening and taking the time to comment Lorraine. Much appreciated. We’re working on an album of story songs, featuring local heroes, events etc. It’s an interesting journey.

  2. Interesting song and story Catherine and the album sounds great. My dad was a seafarer from up North (Sunderland), and always told a great story of how he was “Shanghaid” onto a trawler by his father and the ships’ skipper when he was 13, they promised him a day trip and then sailed off to the Iceland fisheries!

  3. Hi Ervin, it’s about the 4th neck brace I’ve bought. They’re a nightmare!! My biggest issue is opening the clamp where the harmonica goes. I can’t get a slick change there so stick with just one key ? the 2nd issue is the brace staying in position. This one works on that count very well. I bought it on Amazon. I looked for the most robust one I could find that doesn’t have wing nuts. Glad you liked the song