Behind Closed Doors

A little look behind closed doors, to see the less sociable side of alcohol use.


  1. You’ve nailed the country vibe, Cath! You’ve created a classic here.. I enjoyed your arrangement & performance very much. You’ve invested time, energy & enthusiasm into your music the last year or so & this is an impressive arrangement & a really heartfelt country theme.

  2. Thank you all for your lovely comments. They’re very much appreciated. The wrist is healing well thanks Ian. I’m able to strum for about 10 minutes now. Finger picking is proving slower to recover but I’m working on it every day. Sorry to have just done one reply, but I couldn’t find a way to reply to individual comments

  3. Gosh, I nearly missed this one there are so many entries this month. Glad I didn’t, it is 100% country as I would expect from you. You’ve even got some pedal steel on there, well done. It never occurred to me before, but your voice reminds me a bit of Tammy Wynette on this number. Keep it country: I know you will!