Beach Memories

Bit of a strange one this but it certainly fits the brief. Less of a traditional song and more like a tone poem. A jumble of memories and images from being a youngster on Sandbanks beach in the late 60’s. The images seem integral in my mind to this one. Not sure how well it stands up without them? Hope you like it.


  1. It’s a piece of Art this Mark!

    Really clever video. Images and lyrics I can certainly relate to. You were very quick getting this up. Impressive. I’ve only got as far as a bag of lyrics and some melodies in some kind of rough sketch. Good luck with this. Malster

  2. Grerat video and an evocative collection of images, which work as pictures into the past. I would have to listen without the video to get to your question about how it stands up without the visuals……

  3. Nice guitar fingerstyle guitar carries it along with the glimpses and memories, including the seaguls. Sandbanks is a lovely place to have memories of, the opening shot of my vid was taken there, but about a million years ago:-D