Bad Day At Black Rock


Congratulations to John, Ann and Graham for their success last month. At first I found this challenge daunting once I landed on a film I love the song came pretty quick and gave me time to let loose on production which I’ve never done before. Not sure what the mix is like but was great fun! Lots of Blood, Death, Guilt etc in the lyric.

This is Bad Day At Black Rock, inspired by the film of the same name and one of my favourite films. It’s 1945 and a stranger, Macreedy, gets off the train at a desert hamlet called Black Rock. He’s come to find a man called Komoko as he is wants to give him the medal that his dead son won saving Macreedy’s life. However, he cannot find Komoko and clearly there is a dark secret in Black Rock….

I’ve gone a bit overboard on production and video having found time to dive into GarageBand and use the Focusrite thingy that I bought about a year ago. Added guitar and bass parts – percussion is courtesy of the GarageBand app.


  1. I always enjoy your songs Alan – this one is fantastic! Love the whole production (I’m also learning to use GarageBand) – it all fits together perfectly.

  2. That’s spot on Alan. Great idea for a song. I liked the way the two guitar parts spoke to each other on the track. Well sung as always bud. 👌Hey GarageBand is cool. I do all of my recording work on it. It’s actually a great little program.

  3. Love the melody driven by that cool unforgettable bass part. Powerful dynamics in a twangy acoustic soundscape. That is one great tune. Checks all the boxes for me personally. Is that on an album? Great job!

  4. That’s mightily impressive, Alan! The production & video are great but it’s that melody & those lyrics that really delighted me. That’s the heart and you kept it beating throughout. Always quality 😎.

  5. Love it Alan. Very clever visuals and well produced, especially if you are just getting to grips with recording. Really enjoyed it. Taking inspiration from a film is one thing, but telling the story of the film is quite another. Great stuff.