1. Lyrics and Music by Nikki Gothelf 2023

    Sometimes I look at the sun going down
    Don’t wanna think bout the world spinning round
    Just this one time can I know that the beauty was put there to gratify me

    I know the science is bigger than me
    I know there’s so much more that I can be
    My life flies by and I’m still in the dugout
    Still waiting to find the right bat

    Am I okay? Did I do enough today?
    Was a strong? Was I brave?
    Did I choose the right wave?

    Did I give the love that I hold too deep inside?
    Did I shine the light that I sometimes hide?

    Are you there?
    Listening amid the wild
    Just until I’m reconciled

    Keep them safe
    Standing Tall
    Help me slumber til tomorrow
    But not until.I hear your call