Avalanche (don’t tell Sally)

An imagined story song about the growing up “who fancies who” stage of life, and the memory the characters have of their earlier childhood.


  1. Hello Kris
    This is a great song. Again, I hear Dory Previn. The lyric is just like you’re telling someone all about it. Great rhyming and melody.
    I taught and coached songwriting for many years. I wrote a book about it, Musical Conversations. Also I was a song doctor for many years.
    Now your song is great but if it were my song I would look at the title. The title should be your “destination”. When you’re writing the lyric the story and the meaning should lead you to the title. Now your title “Avalanche.” Is good but it may be worthwhile trying some different titles to catch the listeners ear. Something like…
    “Time is Rollin’ on…It’s here and then it’s Gone”
    I do not mean to offend as I know songwriters are very precious about the songs. But when you work with professional writers they all say that anybody can write a good song but it always takes the re- write to make a great song.
    Love the song. And I’m giving you a vote.

  2. Kris, I think this is my favourite of yours. Your lyrics are always really thoughtfully crafted, but the delivery of this makes it the full package. It also brought up some uncomfortable teenage memories… it was all so intense at that age wasn’t it?

  3. I always look forward to hearing what you’re going to create next, Kris. I’m never disappointed. Stylish delivery as ever and I love the image of time as an avalanche. That’s how it can feel sometimes; all those years just rolling down on top of us!