At The End Of The Day…It's Tomorrow

This Musical Video is an Original Song, with Music and Lyrics by Bec Richards and Ian Sacks. It's an uplifting and positive statement about coping with "Life's Issues" and not allowing ourselves to be paralyzed by them.


  1. At The End Of The Day…It’s Tomorrow AUTHORS: Music & Lyrics by Bec Richards and Ian Sacks VERSE 1: Mistake may be many, regrets but a few. Looking in the rear-view mirror isn’t helping you. What other people think, isn’t always true. The difference between right or wrong, just their point of view. VERSE 2: A difference of opinion, need not end in anger. Civility demands respect from friend, lover, or stranger. Keep an open mind, listen with your heart. Listening with deaf ears, will only tear us apart. CHORUS: Learn to let things go, relegate them to the past. Buried in the memory graveyard, for memories that shouldn’t last. Don’t mourn what can’t be changed or exhume your heap of sorrow. But remember this and know it’s true, at the end of the day…it’s tomorrow. VERSE 3: Dwelling on the negative, a waste of precious time. Sets you up for failure, messes with your mind. Try to change your mindset, tune out those bad vibes. Accentuate the positive, makes for better lives. REPEAT CHORUS — BRIDGE: Look towards the future, don’t dwell on past mistakes. Taking ownership of failure, is part of what it takes. Know without a doubt, you’ll get there in the end. If you’ve not succeeded yet, it’s not the end…no it’s not the end. REPEAT CHORUS

  2. Thanks much, Howard. Very enjoyable collaborating with Bec. I feel we communicate well and complement each other’s strengths. We also have similar taste in music.

  3. Lovely upbeat song, produced & performed beautifully. Well done, both of you. Very catchy. I found myself adding in backing vocals.. ?
    I’ve always fancied being one of those people at the back of the stage moving in time to the music & adding the odd harmony now and again. Much more fun than being centre stage!

  4. Thanks everyone for the kind comments. This was a fun project with Ian. I’m sorry it’s not getting the voting love so much but I like it anyway (so does my dad, and he’s only one that really counts ?).