A song about social anxiety and how I can talk myself out of things before they've happened.


  1. Lyrics: What is wrong with me?
    Before I even get to start, I leave.
    Before I’ve even understood
    If it’s any good
    that part of the hood gets cleaved.

    You think I’d know by now.
    You think in all these years I’d worked out how
    To say goodbye to all the tout full
    worried about
    redoubtable ghosts of mine

    For here I am again
    Wondering how I fit into life
    Waiting for my chance
    To Arrive
    To Arrive

    It’s getting worse with time
    I’m getting further and further behind
    If I can’t plug this leak
    Soon I’ll be too meek
    To seek let alone to find

    But here I am again
    Standing behind that imaginary line
    Searching for my chance
    To Arrive
    To Arrive

    What is wrong with me?

  2. Nice one, Kyle. I can relate to these sentiments – coming up with excuses for not doing things, or – like you- giving myself 100 reasons why I can’t do something. The guitar playing complements things perfectly. Cheers.