Congratulations to Ann and Ian for winning the April Challenge.
My song for this month is about an imaginary scenario where, a famous astronaut feels and unexpected surge of emotions while recounting his glory days in the Apollo program.

Armstong Lyrics
Hello my name is Neil.
And I was quite famous for a while.
When I think back of all the madness of those times.
Sometimes I weep and sometimes I smile.

How far can we fly.
And come back from there
President’s words ringing in my ears.
We’re going to the moon and safely back again

I was happy to comply.
Cause all I wanted to do was fly.
To The moon and back.
We’re flying to the moon and back.

Sunshine and thunder at the Cape.
Daytona sunrise cruising in my blue Corvette
Twist and turn me pull and shake.
Crashed the Beadsted and still got home by sunset.

I was glad to comply.
All I wanted to do was fly.
Yeah, to the moon and back.
Going to the moon and back Yeah.

Try and fail and try once more.
Keep on going till you fix those floors.
A tiny spark ,a faulty hatch.
The boys of one are gone in a flash.
The boys of one never to come back again.

Suited and booted and ready to rock.
Strapped to the front of the biggest firework ever made.
Engines fire, no way to stop.
Until the G-force hits you and then you feel afraid.
The earth is slowly drifting away.
Destination gets bigger every day.
Now, separation let’s take her down.
I just can’t wait to get my boots on that Lunar ground.
A tiny step for the folks back home.
But it’s a giant leap, when your mind is blown.

Oh, I was happy to comply.
Cause I really got to fly, I got to fly.
To the moon and back.
I flew to the moon and I came back again.


  1. Others have said it but I really get an Oasis vibe from this one. Lovely as a solo guitar but I’m sure tis would be really powerful as a “wall of sound” production!

  2. I can hear a bit of indie music there, although it might just be the rhythm you’re strumming. Nicely captures a fascinating piece of history, particularly taken with “destination gets bigger every day”.

  3. “Suited and booted and ready to rock.
    Strapped to the front of the biggest firework ever made.” Great lines. It’s almost an unbelievable, unimaginable experience but you capture some of its energy & excitement. This would lend itself to so many bells & whistles but you fo a great job all on your own. 👏👏

  4. Thanks to everyone who listened to my song. I always take your comments on board. Especially if it’s how much you like my hats.
    Seriously though many thanks and much love to you guys🙏😁✌️🌻☮️