Another Chance

There you are on your death bed knowing that you've lived a dissolute life. What do you do? Ask the Big Man for another chance. This is essentially a country song, with some neat internal rhymes, though I do say so myself!
'Give me another chance, please God
I’ll be a better man next time
I’ve no right to ask a favour
But I sure could use a lifeline
Give me another chance, please God
I’ll praise your name out loud,
You must be ashamed of me
But I swear I’ll make you proud

All these things I’ll do
If you’ll permit me to
I’ll mend my wicked ways
And be righteous all my days
All these things I’ll do
Give me another chance, please God
I won’t make those mistakes again
I promise I’ve learnt my lesson
I’ll never take your name in vain
Give me another chance, please God
I won’t drink or womanise
Simplicity is the life for me
And I’m unprepared to die
Give me another chance, please God
I don’t want to go to Hell
I’ll read the Bible, go to church
And try to live life well
Give me another chance, please God
I won’t give in to mortal sin
I promise for sure I’ll give to the poor
And take the homeless in

Middle 8
I’m lying on my deathbed
I’ve only got myself to blame
I know it’s a selfish life I’ve led
But dear Lord, all the same
I’m not ready to be dead'


  1. Thanks, Heather. I wish I had faith, but it can’t be reasoned only given, which is why I don’t get Pascal’s Wager. Don’t know about you, but I loved studying Descartes as his arguments were the easiest to refute. Things got a lot more diffucult after that! Cheers.

  2. Great lyrics and and tune captured in country style. I grew up in Christian home so this resonates. According to what I was told (by my lay preacher dad) forgiveness can happen anytime, you just have to accept. Its never too late to receive Gods grace, even on your deathbed, but good deeds won’t get you there. That’s a whole other song I’m sure! I’m not capable of theological debate, I ran away from it and am probably still running …..

  3. Thanks, Bec. Sounds like your family was a Protestant family like mine where justification by faith alone is enough and good works aren’t enough for Salvation. I had an aunt who was so Protestant she wasn’t happy happy when her daughter married a Catholic, and – worse yet- an Englishman! Cheers.

  4. Many thanks, Julie. I did feel I was treading a fine line between comedy and blasphemy. As a vicar’s son I have conflicting views on religion. Thanks, too, for mentioning the melody, as – being more of a lyricist – I spent a lot of time trying to tease out the tune. Best wishes, Phil.

  5. Thanks to Huw and Alan for your kind comments. My last two songs have had religious bents, but I am itching to write another country music drinking song, so I hope whoever wins this month’s challenge opts for ‘Alcohol’ as the theme! All the best, Phil