Ann Radcliffe

Sometimes words just spew from me like I have no control. This song is about my feeling of connection to the other (more famous)! ‘Ann Radcliffe’ who was a Gothic Mysteries author 1764-1823

I think it’s time that I tried to get inside your head
Will I find a corelation of a life after death
Will there be something more to this feeling that I’ve lived before ooh

I am not alone I’ve always had a teacher
Do I stay anonymous or do I dare release her
She’s seeping from my pores I can’t keep this secret anymore ooh

I can’t stop the words can’t stop the rhymes
I’m driven by a force that comes from another place in time
Can you believe that she is burning bright inside of me ooh ooh ooh

Just barely breathing but feel so alive
Fine tuned and sharpened all my senses are on fire
Awakened by the high degree of the terror and the mystery ooh

It’s more than just a name favoured with grace
We are one and the same
Kindred spirit different face
Two hundred years between it feels supernatural to me ooh ooh ooh

Just barely breathing
Just barely breathing
A romance in a shroud
Byron would be proud
Just barely breathing
Just barely breathing
Ooh ooh


  1. This is so good! A really interesting and original angle on the theme. I love the way you’ve hinted at a supernatural element in your connection with a writer of gothic novels. And a very strong performance (again!)

  2. I like opening riff, which has a really ’60s feel to it. I think this is the third song of yours I’ve listened to and your voice has never sounded better, a bit Tricia Yearwood, maybe?

  3. Once again a super song from you Ann. I don’t think she’s more famous than you as I’d heard of you before this song but not her.
    Jokes aside, lovely guitar thing going on and great lyrics so well performed

  4. Excellent!

    Somehow I can’t write folk myself but if I did I would hope to make it as rich and easy on the ear as you do. This is lovely. Well crafted. Mal