All is Fair in Love


  1. Catchy, snappy, happening song that makes you either want to sing along, or dance to it! Fab lead vocal and backup singers with fun music/beat accompaniment. I thought, though, this song a bit too short at only two-and-a-half-minutes long. I also felt that other “love” notes should’ve been held, a breakdown of music only worked in, or at least the final “love” note held longer through backup singing and crescendo of surrounding music/beat. I hear more needed for this song (lyrically or musically–e.g., like something the Godfather of Soul James Brown might kick in) to make it even more complete, compelling, far reaching, and entertaing for all.

  2. Love this. Feel good tune and great production too and yes I agree with other comment too short but could be easily extended I’m sure. I accidentally clicked a low star rating..sorry. I meant to put 7 stars.

  3. yes! soul can be acoustic! great stuff (but get some acoustic guitar into the front fo the mix!) Love that you resisted the temptation to stretch this out – works great as a sub 3 minute tune….although I would love to hear a sax solo inbetween the middle 8 and the final choruses