Aiken’s Countryside Lullaby

Gentle lullaby, written for my grandson, using very traditional arrangements and lyrics. Started as a chord challenge thing, but the more I worked it the less “chordy” it became*. So, here’s what happened… I wrote this song using all of the proscribed chords, Min7Flat5, Sus, 7ths, all of them… then I slowly took them out or modified them. Didn’t like how they sounded with the melody. They’re still in there in ghost form… the flat 5 is played once, most of the time its just a dull ol’ Bmin7. Very interesting exercise. Any feedback welcome, as always.


  1. Interesting what you say about starting with all the challenge chords and then removing them. It is often the way – the challenge is the catalyst but then songs can evolve and change. You’ve ended up with a lovely gentle lullaby to be proud of. So the challenge process was a spur to creativity and you didn’t take it as a constraint. Fair play

  2. As always Ian you have lovely lyrics with beautiful imagery. Those ‘jam and marmite’ chords will be in your tool box for future songs. You were right not to use them if they didn’t sound right, or fit in with the song that was evolving. You will have to let us know if your lovely lullaby sends your grandson to sleep. 😊

  3. Hi Ian, You don’t look old enough to be a grandfather! That’s a really interesting method you’ve used, to meet the challenge, wish I’d thought of that. Really pretty melody and comforting lyrics – I do hope your grandson will be proud of this when he is older. Gets a vote from me! Cheers.

  4. I did play this out on Monday, which was a challenge, as I only wrote the damn thing on Sunday. People came up afterwards to ask who it was by. Weirdly, I did go into the chord toolbox a little more then.