Aces are high

This is not biographic! ACEs or adverse childhood experiences have a profound impact on the lifechances of children. Ive often thought the acronym is such a misnomer – there’s an indication of luck which is clearly not the case. I overheard a conversation last week about siblings born in very difficult circumstances taking different life choices and is part of the inspiration, thinking about someone remaining positive despite all that life has thrown at them – with a little twist! An attempt at a “story” song and I’m trying out putting an upbeat tune with some pretty dark lyrics. Welcome feedback as always.


  1. This is brilliant in every way, Bec. I think the juxtaposition of bouncy rhythm with dark lyrics works really well here. ‘My aces are high’ is such a good hook, especially with the added harmonies. Very nice keyboard section, too. I’m pleased you told us that it isn’t biographical!

  2. Harmony work on this is brilliant. Backing reminds of “Do you come from a land down under “ and “All that she wants “. Video shifting between instruments and vocal is a nice touch. Enjoyed this. M

  3. That’s really catchy Bec. ‘My aces are high’ will be in my head all day long now. Just gotta make sure I sing my own lyrics at an open mic tonight. Having met your Mum and Dad there is no way I would have thought this was autobiographical. Super job

  4. I don’t think anyone posts such a variety of styles these days are you do, Bec. It’s exciting to see how you’re developing in confidence and experience & it’s not surprising, considering the amount of work you put in. Another cracker of a song.

  5. Great way to hide a tough subject in plain sight, through a catchy and toe-tapping rhythm. Loving the subtle harmonies in the chorus. Another brilliant Bec Richards tune, you’re on fire!

  6. Your songwriting just gets better and it started from a high base! I love the way you musically explore varied styles, rhythms each month. A really high quality song.

  7. I’ve learnt something new from this song – I’d never heard of ACE’s before. Great narrative, for sure, but it is the guitar that grabs me with the chops that seems to be reggae to my untutored ears. BTW, your voice had never sounded better.