A Time and a Place

This song is about allowing love to find you if you just keep looking long enough – there’s a time and a place for everyone.
Please excuse the huge exhalation of breath at the end…I had to come home early from feeling ill (didn’t waste the day – managed to turn a song out)


  1. Simon, I enjoyed a second listen and have just repeated what I said on Facebook just to acknowledge this song on this website. It is really lovely – one of my favourites so far – I loved the lyrics – the lyrics and the analogies of thermals of hope and climbing mountains without any rope. The raw honest sentiment came through and was very touching. I loved the guitar picking style which plenty of focus and space to focus on the lyrics and energy of the song. Well done.

  2. Thanks Louise..thanks Catherine
    Not sure how intentional the ‘phrasing’ was and the guitar picking is very spontaneous as I’m still learning how to play the guitar (I got lucky this time). But the words are definitely from the heart and reflect my own experiences so I’ll claim the praise for that bit! Thanks again

  3. As I commented on Facebook, Simon, you really touched my heart with this song. The lyrics are beautiful & the stripped-back performance adds to the effect. Thank you for sharing. Xx