A Thousand Thankyous

I wrote this for a very special person in my life who has been there for me, transformed my life and the way I see myself and when my Father passed away recently and I was unable to connect with anyone including him, he never gave up on me and continued to support and love me.

A Thousand Thank Yous

Glad to be alone, happy to be me / Safe inside my Ivory Tower, I thought that I was free / Surrounded by glass walls that I didn't know were there / The price I gladly paid to be free of fear / And then you came from nowhere & bared your gentle soul / Courageous and so vulnerable – no need to control / The glass walls they broke into a thousand pieces / No matter how I'm flawed, your love for me it never ceases / Chorus 1 A Thousand Thank Yous from my heart to yours / For your constant love even when there's no rewards / Your love is the container that holds my wounded parts / Until they join together with a strong and open heart / I learned to see into your Soul as I learned to see in mine
The cracks, the gaps, the crevices where I'd once been blind / I looked into myself from your reflection back at me / And realised what I needed, I didn't want to see / Chorus 2 So a Thousand Thank Yous I'm learning to be real / I'm learning to be honest and to feeling what I feel / The good, the bad, the ugly, they still all come and they visit / But the world's a better place now I know that you are in it. /
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