A Small Cafe in Paris

A song I wrote back in the day about a lady too wild even for this travelling man.
Most of my songs are 'short stories' – with only a phrase or line that is factual!


  1. I like this. It does evoke the atmosphere of a couple in a small Parisian cafe on the Seine, perhaps with tables outside, time unspecific. Lovely and thoughtful production.

  2. HIya, What I like about this song is you’ve given us a flavour of Paris, but not at the expense of the song. The melody is strong too, and the song’s title is used with great effect as a hook. Do you still have the lady’s phone number by any chance? She sounds my type! Nice one, Cheers.

  3. You tell the story beautifully, Laurence, with a finely balanced arrangement. I spent the Summer of 76 in Paris, as a student, in the Left Bank. Obviously, not at the time where you’ve set your tale, but there’s a timeless quality to the old quarters and as I listened, I was standing once again on my lying balcony, gazing over the evocative Parisian rooftops. I really enjoyed listening.