A Product Of His Time

My entry for the April challenge takes a metaphorical view of “Setting Sail”. The song “A Product Of His Time” refers to my life journey as I daily set sail into the (sometimes scary) future and try to accept the accelerating rate change encountered in everyday life. Thanks for listening and I hope you like the song. Please feel free to offer any comments or suggestions you may have. Tom

“I was born around the half-way mark with fate my fickle guide
An eye witness to the struggle as my world view did collide
With each new one that came along, the same old battle cry
“The world has changed and so must you or time will pass you by”
But if I do not fit into your brand new paradigm
Have pity on this backward man he’s a product of his time

Well, the winds of change blow hard my friends they sweep us to the past
To join all those who once were first but later are the last
And whether pen or sword is used to fight for each new age
Remember there’s no winners when the armies do engage
There’s just one thing I have to say as casualties start to climb
Have mercy on this humble man he’s a product of his time

I struggle each new day to try to keep an open mind
And practice what I’ve come to preach and always to be kind
For a man ain’t judged by what he says, he’s judged by what he does
And if I not the man and want or need to be least I’m not the man I was
And if my world seems out of date with no reason or no rhyme
Be patient with this simple man he’s a product of his time
Have mercy on this humble man he’s a product of his time
Have pity on this backward man I’m a product my time”


  1. Enjoyed this. Classic folky feel to it (and your voice). Can imagine being in a pub and listening to you playing this. Nice tune. Some lovely instrumentation too – especially liked your harmonica 😉

  2. I’m not sure if the blown reed on the flat harmonica is deliberate but I loved the tension it put into the feel of the song. Really nice instrumentation throughout.