A Mother's Lament

This is a true story about 3 teenage boys attempting to escape in a boat from German-occupied Jersey in 1942. The east coast is notoriously dangerous with rip tides, rocks and gullies but is the closest to France. One boy drowned, the other 2 were captured, handed over to the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp. One survived.


  1. Hi Nicky, your Pre description helped me connect to the sad story you sang so beautifully. I closed my eyes and
    Envisaged you on a stage in front of a full house. Very professional! Liked it a lot!

    1. Thank you for listening Jim, and for your very kind words, I’m glad the pre bit helped. I’ve just heard from an old school friend in Jersey that her partner’s mother in law ( they were farmers) gave the boys the petrol for the trip that night. They wrote her a note before they left saying thank you. I don’t know if the boat was swamped before they got the outboard working. Apparently she never forgave herself because of the tragic results.