A Dream To Me Now

Congratulation to Chris and Rebecca for winning last month's challenge. They were worthy winners in a strong and voluminous set of submissions. Well Rebecca, you certainly set an interesting challenge. Music theory is not my strong point but I was pleased to discover I already use all these chords from time to time. The challenge really set my creative juices going and a song poured out of me in a way I've not encountered before. Considering one of my previous submissions took over thirty years to finish off, you can imagine this was a surprise! All required chords have been captured, the song was written on Saturday evening, recorded on Sunday and the video finished today which includes a lovely sunrise on the bay video'd from my window yesterday morning. Here's my song, A Dream To Me Now.


  1. The guitar + reverb and tune and lyrics combine in a wonderful way. This may be about a lover long gone, but I found it incredibly moving as it inspired me to imagine what the world feels like to my mum, as she slowly comes to terms with being unable to recall facts with any certainty or tell fact from fantasy and she drifts in and out of different realities “it’s like a dream to [her] now”. Well done and thank you.

  2. That’s beautiful John……I’m getting Sting vibes here…..Shape of my Heart from Ten Summoner’s Tales for example. You also obviously have the technical knowledge and knowhow as well as musical talent and a great voice….that makes things a lot easier. Well done.

  3. This is great. I know others have said it earlier, but a fantastic haunting sound. That guitar tone with the echo added is gorgeous and you have a really soothing sounding vocal. Top job

  4. The whole thing hangs together so seamlessly, you’d never know it was written to a brief which is a skill in itself. A very chilled evening with a large glass of wine is in order. Thanks for this John it’s gorgeous.