Not having time (my excuse) to do the challenge properly I decided to do a little ditty instead. Well done to those who managed to follow the brief…….some brilliant efforts there.


  1. Looks like I’ve been rumbled!! There are a few more chords in my repertoire but I’m better on the keyboard with the tougher ones. Thanks for your comments Paul and Phil…..and for listening.

  2. Such a fun and witty response to the challenge. I was chuckling along to the lyrics. As others have says I suspect you know far more than you’re letting on. A really fun, thanks for creating and posting.

  3. I came here after reading your comment on my Gameshow story song. Thankyou Andy. It seems you are another lyric play soundmate. Great song. This really made me smile and as you say, a good song should be able to stand up without a full production, ( nice as that can be sometimes!)